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The Full Story



Our Founder started Maya Bagel Express at the age of 20 with a passion for creating and the credence that innovation is at the core of every brand. He saw an enormous amount opportunity in the bagel and café category and set out on a mission to build and create a brand that was focused on constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, listens to their customers, creates, and fosters community, always strives to be better and ultimately a brand that himself, his team and their valued customers are proud to support 



We are a family operated café that serves mainly bagels, among many other options that include breakfast, lunch sandwiches, pastries, and coffees. Maya Bagel Express strives to perfect a bagel. Coming from a baking family. The art of crafting or baking a bagel came naturally. Maya Bagel Express has staff that truly understand the importance of producing a fresh bagel daily for its customers.  Moving all the way down from the east coast to Louisville, Kentucky and having 17 years of experience in the bagel industry, we truly understand the importance of product quality and consistency. Our foundation of the company was built upon fresh quality products and exceptional customer service.


Spread love and joy throughout the community, inspire people to acheive great things, and impact peoples daily lives in a positive and uplifting way with a bagel and a coffee a day. 

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